Hi there, my name is Danja Dane, I’m a young woman full with ambition, drive and creativity. The summer of 2017 I finished my bachelor “Image And Media Technology” at the University of Arts in Utrecht. Ever since my summer internship in the first year, I have been focussing on product and costume design, alongside the school’s curriculum. As my studies continued, I was eager to learn about life on a film set and enjoyed my internship as Rikke Jelier assistent for his production design company Jelier en Schaaf. Here, I gained tremendous experience in the field of production design and working on big commercials and TV productions.

After school I started my own company called; Danja Dane. And got the chance to work on some beautiful film projects and TV shows. Through the years, I’ve been able to take on a range of different disciplines, learned from industry professions and obtaining a skill-set that’s versatile and adaptable. Enjoy my website and if you have any questions or inquires, I would love to hear from you!