Hi there, my name is Danja Dane, I’m a young woman full with ambition, drive and creativity.

This summer I am finishing up my bachelor in “Image And Media Technology” at the University
of Arts in Utrecht. Ever since my summer internship in the first year, I have been focussing on
product and costume design, alongside the school’s curriculum.

With every given chance I’ve challenged myself to work with exciting new materials and
techniques and ultimately creating my living gum ball-dress named “Bobby Gum”. Bobby Gum
became an act and enabled me to work at festivals and events.

As my studies continued, I was eager to learn about life on a film set and enjoyed my internship as
Rikke Jelier assistent for his production design company Jelier en Schaaf. Here, I gained tremendous
experience in the field of production design and working on big commercials and TV productions.

For my final year, I’m making a trilogy named I.R.E, a project where the product and costume
design play the main role.

Through the years, I’ve been able to take on a range of different disciplines, learned from
industry professions and obtaining a skill-set that’s versatile and adaptable.

Enjoy my website and if you have any questions or inquires, I would love to hear from you!


Yours Sincerely
Danja Dane