I.R.E. Is a video tryptic where handmade costumes and decors come together in a film that shows all phases of the grieving process. There are no rules for grieving, no good or bad. What happens deep inside and how is that related to your daily life? The project started after losing my father, however the video will not just tell you my story, the videos are created and angled in a way that everyone should be able to identify and interpret the topic in its own way.


This is the first time I have chosen to share something so personal in a project, however I think it was time for me to dig deeper into my work. The film is experimental, conceptual and visually appealing. Bending the rules of film has always been incredibly interesting to me. Working without editing, dialogue or camera movements was a untypical, risky choice to go for. But to share my story, feel the emotions and understand the process : this was the only way that made sense for me. Making I.R.E. was a emotional rollercoaster, however the fact that everything was made my own hands makes it the best allround experience I could get.





A film by Danja Dane

Camera: Serhan Meewisse

Dance: Debbie Ruijter

Choreography: Matthijs Janssen

Light assistent: Thomas Wals en Tom Elswijk

Sound designer: Rick de Greef

Production design: Danja Dane

Ass. Decor: Floris Renes

Costume design: Danja Dane

Make up: Gabrielle Sussnbach

Set assistent: Daylene Kroon, Sanne May Beekmans en Milou Backx

BTS Photography: Cedric Veldhuis