De regels van Floor (based on the successful book series by Marjon Hoffman) we follow the life of Floor, a stubborn girl with an original view on life. Floor believes that children, just like adults, should just as well come up with rules. And she does that a lot. 

The rules answers the most important questions of life for a girl of 10. How do you deal with an annoying brother? What do you do when you receive a hideous coat as a gift? What do you do when your best friend has an impetigo and you want one too? Why is carp fishing a man thing? And how do you deal with it, if your father suddenly turns into a fitboy? Floor has been through it all and knows the answers.

The successful youth series De regels van Floor, which is broadcasted in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Belgium and France has total of 5 seasons. The fifth season will be on TV in de summer of 20222.

The first season I’ve worked as an art department ass. And from season 3 till 5 I was the art director, working alongside Nina Spiering (production designer). Working on De Regels Van Floor, is always a lot fun. From building a magic show trick box to creating a school musical with only cardboard.