De regels van Floor are about the stubborn girl named Floor. Because in Floor’s world, children, just like adults, come up with their own rules and that leads to special insights. Floors rules answer the most important questions of life of a 10-year-old girl. How do you deal with an annoying brother? What do you do if you get a ugly goat as a gift? ¬†Why is carp fishing a man thing? Floor has experienced it all and knows the answers.

I’ve worked on season one and two, as a art department assistent. Because I was also working on SKAM NL at the time. The third and upcoming season I’ve worked as the art director. And had an amazing time making all the fantasies and sets come to life.


Director: Maurice Trouwborst

D.O.P.: Diderik Evers

Production company: NL Film

Network: VPRO

Production Design: Nina Spiering

Art direction: Danja Dane

Costume design: Sanne van Deursen

Make up: Naomi Augusteijn