The racist truck driver Barry has to watch helplessly how his regular co-driver is beaten into the hospital by Moroccan youth. To his great anger, the replacement co-driver Sadiq also appears to be of Moroccan descent. The tension between the two runs high when they are forced to share the cabin for a few days during an international ride. Barry and Sadiq get to know each other better and better, but the question remains whether this leads to a special friendship or an ultimate confrontation.


Telefilm in samenwerking met: KRO-NCRV

Producent: OAK Motion Pictures

Regie: Danyael Sugawara

First A.D.: Jacco Brummel

D.O.P.: Mick van Rossum

Productieleider: Philipe Wentrup

Assistent Productieleider: Merel van Pinxteren

Locatiemanager: Hein Teunissen

Production Design: Romke Faber

Art director: Nina Spiering

Handprops: Danja Dane

Styling: Lara Schellekens

Make up: Trudy Buren