SKAM NL is a Dutch series for young people that was broadcasted from September 2018 to June 2019 both online and on TV. The series was a remake of the successful Norwegian SKAM, which means ‘shame’ in Norwegian. The series consisted of separate uploads that appeared on YouTube throughout the week. At the end of the week, all these clips were combined into one episode and broadcast on NPO 3. The individual videos were uploaded in real time and supported by messages on social media (including Instagram). With this, the makers aimed to connect better with the lives of young people.

The series was allso selected for a gouden kalf at NFF.



Scenario: Ashgan El-Hamus

Directors: Bobbie Koek en Floor van der Meulen

Director- & Castingassistent: Engel Stam

DOP: Sam Du Pon

Focuspuller: Henry Vrijsen

Gaffer: Berend Holtkamp

Production design: Danja Dane

Art direction: Lois van Galen Last

Sound on set: Matthijs Klijn

Producer: Olya van Poppel

Junior producer: Eva van Dorland

Assistent production: Carlien Abbes

First AD: Bo van der Meer

Third AD: Nico van Pelt

Location: Daniël Klijn

Online producers: Marlijn Aarts & Luc Willems

Final editing: Marina Blok

Projectleader: Marnieke Klarus