In a house full of merrymakers, love flares up without words, to be extinguished again at dawn, after a night full of extraordinary feelings.

Ayla Spaans makes her debut with this non-verbal, experimentally composed love story. When Lila goes to a party by day and enters the room, she is overcome by emotions and feels lost. Until she meets Luca. They fall in love and set out on an adventure together. Every room in the house represents a new phase in their relationship. Colour, dance, sound and movement sweep the spectator along in their feelings. But when confusion does arise after all and a new day dawns, they lose each other again in the last rooms. Was it all an illusion?


Regie & Scenario: Ayla Spaans

Producers: Ushani Karunadasa & Ayla Spaans

Coproducent(en): Sacha Gertsik & Wouter van Couwelaar

Coproductiecompany: De Ontmoeting & Vice Benelux BV

DOP: René Huwaë

Production Design: Daylene Kroon

EditAyla Spaans

Costume design: Danja Dane

Costume design assistent: Sacha Wendt

Sound Design: Ruud de groot

Music: Boris Acket, Lilli Bos &Efrem Toto Boroto

Still photography: René Huwaë

Photography: Marina Coenen

Choreography: Nicola Hepp