It’s no secret that art can a powerful way to communicate stories, but art can also contribute to self development and expression. The exhibition is titled “Dreams know no borders” and was organized by students from the HKU (university of the arts Utrecht) in collaboration with refugees that at the time temporary stayed in Utrecht.

Although the differences of our situations and more, we all share the love for creativity. And because we are in the same age group, we all are in a position where we dream a lot about things such as the future, things we wish to accomplish or change for ourselves or others. Whether it’s through painting, film, illustration, spoken word or another medium to express our creativity; art provides a platform to raise awareness and encourages refugees to realize their potential. We all brought it together at our own “curated” museum in a exhibition titled “Dreams know no borders”, because for us it doesn’t.

Special thanks to De Heus: Academie voor Beeldvorming, Werkvloer de Mengfabriek.


Dreams know no borders

Refugee collaboration

Production design together with Daylene Kroon

Made by: Counter culture